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David Pistone, the man of many names including rotor_at_PrimeNet.Com sez:

>On Wed, 31 Jan 1996, Joseph Delacroix wrote:
>> Actually, it usually does. Mostly, the Alternate Universe stuff
>> has the more "mature" themes in it, from my observations, while the
>> main universe has more "purist" works. Not to berate either class,
>> but merely an observation.
>I tell you what, why don't I clarify that...

Hey, you op the page, after all. =)

>I put stories in the alternative universe section because they conflict
>with somethings that's already been stated in the main universe (or,
>sometimes, I can't really see them happening in the main universe)
>Here's a few reasons why I put stories in the alternate section...
>they support the idea of robotization poisoning the bodies of it's
>victims (Yes, Dan, it's certainly a possible, and probably accurate
>side-effect, but I jsut got a little edgy about having it in the main

Understandable. It's sort of a gruesome thing for newbies to be running
across before they see the lighter stories near the top. (Well, in my
case, "Bloodlines" actually drew me in, but you know how friggin' weird
I am! =)

>they state origins of characters that conflict with stories in the main
>section that have previously established origin of said characters...

A given.

>they present events that would conflict with events in the main universe
>(i.e. -- Sandra+Ryan in the main univers and Sandra+Joseph in the alternate)
>(Sorry, Joe...Ryan got to it first. ;) )

Ah, it's okay. It's my fault for falling behind in my production schedule.

>Those are the real main for the rest, it's simply a matter
>of if I feel comfortable enough to put it into the main (and yes, Joe,
>pure and more traditional) universe. In fact, lately I've been
>rethinking a few stories, so I may move some up into the main pretty
>soon...hope I don't confuse too many people.

Hey, the closer you move my stuff to "Bloodlines", the more I'll like

>Take care all and may Robotnik never develop space travel...for all our
>sakes! =)

Well--you'll understand in about 5 more of my texts.


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