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From: Simon Howes <ablater_at_global.co.za>
Date: Thu, 1 Feb 1996 20:45:56 GMT

I don't know why I wrote this message really, I just somehow felt that
driving urge. It in Fanfic value is a poem written by a wolf, two months
after the failed Doomsday project.


I saw the centre of the rotted heart today,
..saw the weeds at play.
Heard the winds calling:
        "The cancer has fallen away."

I saw robots, uncontrolled, astray,
and alike those metal killing machines,
that lack both hearts, lovers and tasks,
I am the same.

When the battles won and justice done,
where do we malfunctioning scrambles of mettle go?
What gives us a path,
who gives a hell?

Where are our leaders, our commanders and lovers?
Where are our dreams, ambitions and souls?
Where are our pasts, and where is our world?

In the dust, amongst the bodies...
In the air, with gasses from abyssial depths,
In our liquids as the poison.

Emptyness, the dust of yesteryear,
emptyness our past and future,
emptyness, our dreams and goals.

I have run all over this jail-cell world,
I knew a family, knew a soul.

It doesn't cure it.. bores it deeper.
The world I knew is no more than the fantasy of a child,
lying blanketted in sulphurous cloud,
tapped into verses,
hidden in riddles.

Yes, as I look over my old world..
I know where to find my soul,
and amongst the ashes I fall.

I still don't get why I wrote this thing. I hope no one explodes about me
sending it to you all. I haven't a clue whether it's on topic or not (But
let's not argue about that for 3x10^8 messages Okay? ;) My basic overview,
a dude who's about to kill himself? Arghhh! Time to meditate, unbundle my
knotted ball of logic.


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