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Date: Wed, 20 Mar 1996 23:20:57 -0200 (GMT)

Hey hey chaps,

Okay, well I'm (attempting to) write another StH story, this time however,
it's all the main characters.. only difference being the plot. Well, you'll
have to trust me here, the plot of this one is something that makes me shiver!

There are a few things I was pondering about Mobius though..

1) Three moons? Right?
2) How long is a Mobian Day?
3) How long is a Mobian Year?
4) What is Mobius's Gravity? (10/m.s I'd assume)
5) In what Solar System is Mobius?
6) What Planet is Mobius from the sun?
7) How many planets in Mobius's system?

It's probable I'll be contradicting all these.. but I'd like to compare all
the same.. :)


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