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Date: Wed, 20 Mar 1996 15:19:59 -0500 (EST)

At 10:04 PM 3/19/96 -0800, you wrote:
>At 07:34 PM 3/17/96 -0500, you wrote:
>> I had a dream there would be would a Sonic movie. I REALLY hope
>>there is one comeing out. Espcially if Tim Alen would be in it (I like
>>Home&provment). I would love to get lots of info on it!
>Oh, for crying out loud!! :P
>I can NOT imagine a live action SONIC movie as a decent project. This isn't
>something that can translate well into live action.
>Secondly, I *REALLY* REALLY cannot see Sonic being played by Tim Allen in
>any way shape or form even as just a VOICE! :P That's HORRIBLE casting.
>Robotnik being played by Mr.Joker just wouldn't be very good either--again,
>a horrible case of miscasting... he would be wrong for the character in
>EVERY way... I'm sure even HE would agree with that and I'm sure he'd turn
>down the role too.
>I summarily think that Sonic would make a FANTASTIC animated feature film..
>but as a live action--I could see Robotnik played by a human... and some of
>the characters... but MOST, including Sonic, just wouldn't be suitable in a
>live action film.

        Hey I didn't say a live action movie! I meant voices of coarse!! As
for Tim Allen, I'm not really sure. I don't know what to say for that. I
watch home&improvment (no were near as much as I WOULD like to watch
Sonic). I don't know who that guy thats a post to play Robotnick but whoever
plays him now is just fine.

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