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From: Dan Ramos <>
Date: Tue, 19 Mar 1996 22:04:38 -0800

At 07:34 PM 3/17/96 -0500, you wrote:
> I had a dream there would be would a Sonic movie. I REALLY hope
>there is one comeing out. Espcially if Tim Alen would be in it (I like
>Home&provment). I would love to get lots of info on it!

Oh, for crying out loud!! :P

I can NOT imagine a live action SONIC movie as a decent project. This isn't
something that can translate well into live action.

Secondly, I *REALLY* REALLY cannot see Sonic being played by Tim Allen in
any way shape or form even as just a VOICE! :P That's HORRIBLE casting.

Robotnik being played by Mr.Joker just wouldn't be very good either--again,
a horrible case of miscasting... he would be wrong for the character in
EVERY way... I'm sure even HE would agree with that and I'm sure he'd turn
down the role too.

I summarily think that Sonic would make a FANTASTIC animated feature film..
but as a live action--I could see Robotnik played by a human... and some of
the characters... but MOST, including Sonic, just wouldn't be suitable in a
live action film.

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