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Date: Tue, 19 Mar 1996 21:39:10 -0500

I would like to talk about the coolest Freedomm Fighter in all of Knothole.
 Tails!!!!!!!! That is right, I think he kicks ASS, because first of all, he
can problobly beat Antonie in a fight. If he ever fell off a cliff, he can
just fly back up using his 2 tail's. His personality is cool just like a 10
year old. (Sometimes, I think "Aunt Sally" babys him too much!). I think if
they had those 15 minute episodes they had with Antonie which were "Trouble
with Antonie/ Ghost Busted" and "The Odd Couple/ Rob-ecca", should have Tails
in them. That way, you can really find out what Tails is really like. In
conclusion, Ithink TAILS KICKS MAJOR ASS!

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