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Hello everybody!
     Whoever is making those .avi files, would you be able to scan
in the beginning of the episode "Sonic Boom" (it's the part with
the robot <I call this type "Scout-Bot"> going toward it's post).
I think that that part is very Cool.

>From what i have heard Archie say, I am very impatient to get my
hands on all of those cool stories that are coming up.

(My story is almost at a halt, the "Blue Pages" are getting
revised, and my first picture of Sonic and Sally (no they are not
at it you perverts) is supposed to be scanning by my friend, but I
haven't heard of it for a while. The only way I can upload these
files to my favorite page(rat.org) is to e-mail them to the owner
(Ratman?). Is this OK?)

BTW - does the roboticiser do the following, or is it less brutal?:

It is designed to be used with sedatives or under sleep. It sends
tiny robots into your body (nanites) that tear off every single
cell in your body, and replace it with a synthetic replica, except
for the cells in your brain, liver, kidneys, and some parts of your
lungs. These synthetic cells contain a stored DNA code that's used
to repair the body, and keep the backup of the original state of
the body. The surviving organs are penetrated with wires,
microchips, and tiny motors. The majority on nanites is stored in
"sleep" mode throughout your body, and can be activated at any time
(Bunny's failed derobotization). Due to the scale of this surgical
procedure, you will feel it very well. For the first couple of
seconds you will be in terrible pain, then you will go into
temporary shock, and finally, you will faint from the intensity of
the nerve signals (pain) sent to your brain. The last three steps
could be avoided by putting the patient to sleep, of under similar
situations.Once the process is complete, the nanites stored in your
body can be restarted in small colonies throughout your body. Such
colony could be used to control brain functions, thus the
programming and loss of will power. The only way this process can
be fully reversed is by first converting your body to it's original
form through the use of nanites and DNA codes in the cells, and
then, the complete elimination of all nanites in your body. The
elimination of nanites is a very difficult process due to their
scale, their position, and their numbers.

(Doesn't this just BEG to be included in the FAQ? This was based on
the most popular ideas, with the holes filled in by the show, and
by me. I made sure that all of the holes were covered.)

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