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Date: Sun, 25 Feb 1996 09:35:52 -0500

     Hello All!
         I was thinking of the adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog (The one
without Princess Sally) and I thought: Just WHAT is Grounder? I saw he was
supposed to be Scratch's twin, but Scratch messed it up. Every 'bot I saw on
the show and the comic are recognizable as to which animal they are. Except
Grounder. Is he some kind of mutated chicken? A household appliance? A
Paperweight? A fall-apart toy? Anyone know? But he's even weirder when his
parts are thrown about. Some quotes:
                  (Gets hit by cannonball)
               GROUNDER: I put my head back on for this?
               SCRATCH: Shut Up! At least you're supposed to be detachable!
                            But we can all agree he is stupid.
             SCRATCH: Maybe we could ask Dr. Robotnik for- a salary!
             GROUNDER: Not me! I'd rather ask to be paid every week!



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