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Date: Tue, 13 Feb 1996 06:53:51 -0500 (EST)

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> Geoffrey has turned out to be quite popular with a number of readers, for
> which I'm gratified. So has the "Love Triangle" thread, which will see
> further development in upcoming issues. A bit of behind the scenes info here:
> The Love Triangle thread would've been the focal point of a second PRINCESS
> SALLY mini-series. Since that's not going to happen in the foreseeable
> future, it's just being spread out over several issues of SONIC.
> Ken

Ken, check this out, for it may be valid. I was wondering: When STH
first started out, it was VERY kiddie-based. What I mean by that is
there drawings were OK, the "puns" were nerdy, and the vocab was aimed
towards our "younger generation". NOW, I fully understand that.
HOWEVER, recently, the vocabulary is expanding, the artwork, (thank God
take this as a compliment! :)) is becomming awesome to say the least, and
the puns aren't QUITE as bad, (they're still pretty bad.) It's good to
see you guys are getting so much better, but why? I guess what I'm
asking is did people get laid off because they were doing a crappy job,
and better artists/etc. haulled in? I haven't noticed TOO many changes.
Maybe it's just me.

PS-don't take the previous as a bash. I guess I'm just a little kid with
a bigger allowence & still buy all the STH stuff-yes, even princess sally
mini-series, (and NO, I'm not gay!). So, as you do KEEP up the good

       BTW-4 all that care, my web page is BROKEN and I can't fix it for
a plethora of time. (why? my CPU is BROKEN that's why.) Later!

      "We will stand where others fall"
           -MiGHTY the FoX, freedom fighter international

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