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The PRINCESS SALLY mini-series just didn't do well enough to warrant another
shot. From what we can tell, it seems there was a problem with distribution
which prevented a lot of people from finding and picking up the book. You
also had the core audience of little boys that felt awkward picking up a
title that they felt was aimed more at girls. However, when you plopped a
copy into their hands and made them read the first issue, that's all it took.
They were hooked.

We received a lot of applause from various fans who did read the books and
liked what we did. Both Mike and I wanted a more serious tone to the series
to make it just different enough to justify having it stand on its own.

If you liked the PRINCESS SALLY mini-series, you're going to love the
upcoming KNUCKLES mini-series. We did some pretty hair-raising things in
those stories. In fact, it gets downright apocalyptic. Mike and I just shook
our heads after we submitted those scripts because we thought SEGA would blow
us out of the water and they didn't. We're looking forward very much to your
reactions once the story starts unfolding in SONIC #34.

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