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Date: Sun, 11 Feb 1996 14:06:15 -0500 (EST)

> The PRINCESS SALLY mini-series just didn't do well enough to warrant another
> shot. From what we can tell, it seems there was a problem with distribution
> which prevented a lot of people from finding and picking up the book. You
> also had the core audience of little boys that felt awkward picking up a
> title that they felt was aimed more at girls. However, when you plopped a
> copy into their hands and made them read the first issue, that's all it took.
> They were hooked.
> We received a lot of applause from various fans who did read the books and
> liked what we did. Both Mike and I wanted a more serious tone to the series
> to make it just different enough to justify having it stand on its own.

And you're both to be congratulated for it. While I may not have said
as much in so many words, "Deadliest of the Species" represented very
strong writing. As someone else observed, it was one of the most
complex plotlines to appear in the comics and yet it managed to retain
readers' interest. It deserved a better fate; I can be a witness that
in my corner of the country (southwestern Michigan), I really wasn't
sure where or when to find it on the stands. I ended up sending away
for all three issues.

I'd like your permission to quote from some of your posts and revise FAQ
#7: "What happened to the Princess Sally miniseries?" I'd never thought
that we'd get an answer to the question straight from Archie: I pretty
much had the Sonic-Gram in Sonic #21 and the ads for the miniseries in
Sonic #22 to go on -- kinda like when the CIA used to try figuring out
who's on first in the USSR from who stands where on top of Lenin's Tomb
during the May Day parades. It would be good to have an authoritative
answer, but netiquette dictates that I get your permission even though
you've posted to the list already. E-mail me directly, please.

I'd also like to quote your post on the use of meat analogs in chili
dogs and update FAQ #11. I know it seems weird to be preoccupied with
this stuff, but I think the only two subjects that have REALLY taken up
a lot of bandwidth are a) Is/isn't Sally a fox? (the pro-fox believers
are serious die-hards), and b) the origin of Tails' tails [FAQs #4 and
#1, respectively].

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