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On Fri, 9 Feb 1996, Ratman wrote:

> Hmm.. Wasn't there some aesop fable about not being able to please everyone?
> I think the solution would be to make 2 comics. One for young audiences, and
> another for older. Of course that might not be cost effective, which is
> probably why it's not being done already.

They say you can't please all the people all the time, but you can please
all the people some of the time (whereas you can and now do please some
of the people all the time).

The market may not be able to sustain 2 regular comics, but it may be
able to sustain the present comics plus a quarterly comic geared towards
the older readers. The quarterly comic can also be a little bigger so
stories can be done in greater depths. I'm thinking of something around
the size and page count of the Archie Digests. Some existing advertisers
will cross over, but Archie will get a chance to recruit new advertisers
who, to now, would never have given Archie Comics a second look when
trying to find places for their advertising dollars because the present
demographics are all wrong for them. You will also give today's younger
readers something to "graduate" to. It's better they remain your
customer 4 times a year than 0 times a year, and their patronage may
continue to or past college graduation. You could also offer a $2
discount on subscriptions for those who want to subscribe to both the
regular monthly and to the quarterly (a $1 discount off each). The
"Generation X" crowd has a rep of being hard to sell to, but with plenty
of forethought and planning, you can probably find a way to make the most
of a market that definitely exists.

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