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Date: Mon, 29 Jan 1996 16:21:22 -0500

Hi everybody! I'm abck, and have about 4 pages of things to say.
     I was off the wires(?) for two weeks (financial AOL problems
:'( ), and now have 111 messages (71 left to read). I am not
complaining, I actually expected more. I am going to answer all of
the messages for the first week in this letter, so if something was
answered last week, don't think of me as being annoying. Anywayz:

On 96-01-11 22:23:06 EST (ancient history), Doug LoConti wrote:

>What is it to become "obsessed" with what once a video game? I'm
>not blaming anyone-I am myself. And I'm not inviting flames, such
>as, "well, if you don't like it, leave!"...I'm asking, rather
>simply....my friends suspect me as being "messed-up" for such
>obsession, (which I probably am...) but I have been into Sonic
>when Sonic the Hedgehog was released on the old system....I'm what
>you'd call a "classic fan"... we all are... (I would think..) what
>what makes us this? What obsession? I don't want it to lead
>somewhere bad, and as much as I hate conformity, do any of you
>think this obsession with a make-believe world is normal? Please
>answer in a truthful and non-sarcastic tone. If you have to flame
>me, don't. It will waste "precious bandwidth" (I love that line)
>and will make me sad.

I think that there is absolutely nothing wrong with being obsessed
(coming from a guy who cuts on Sonic's pictures from catalogs, and
pastes them on the wall :') ). Especially not with Sonic. I for one
am very tied up to the whole "Mobian Theory" (that's how I like to
describe it), because it is VERY similar to my own life, and has
brought me a lot of joy (a big group of people who I can talk to,
and who understand me, for one). Also, if you're not "obsessed"
something, then what do you do with your life, rot away in one
place doing absolutely nothing? Everyone needs a hobby. And to
close things up, my obsession has taught me something very
valuable: You are your own world, and what is outside of it, does
not necessarily have to affect it. (In other words, who cares about
what others think about you. You like what you like)

I hope that was not too much off topic, and that that helped a lot
of people feel really better.

On 01-13 01:12:16 EST, Nomad wrote:

>did anyone else
>receive my RPG? Is anyone listening to me? Here's something about
>Sonic characters.....would anyone like their stats? But, really,
>I think that if every character has 'super powers' of some sort,
>it would ruin the game and the comic, and the TV show, and...well,
>you get the idea. Is there anyone who agrees with
> (I thought about this when someone mentioned Sally with super
>speed) [I dead the thought!]

I got it,(have absolutely no idea what i am supposed to do with it,
but can ask someone to help me). On Sally's speed, a agree. I also
dead the thought (I actually get that). It's just that "Brown
streak speeds by, Sally the Acorn..." doesn't seem right.

> So I guess I should end this letter,

nice ending :')

On 96-01-13 16:08:59 EST, Bunnie Rabbot wrote:

>Hello y'all...
>Did it occur to any of you that we may never know Princess Sally's
>real species? Personally, I think she was adopted. I think she's
>a cross between a squirrel and a chipmunk. What do you think?

The short, pointy tail, facial, and belly markings are very similar
to that of a chipmunk, but I really don't see what's so weird about
her father being a fox, and her mother being a squirrel. I think it
fits very well with super-sonic blue hedgehogs, ice-breathing
dragons, and the entire creature feature of the first season of
StH. (Just feeling left out and wanting to add something).

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