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(The second part of my message)

On 96-01-13 21:59:22 EST, David Gonterman wrote:

>But then again, the story *would* end. The Evil has been kicked
>off the planet, permanently, Peace and Prosperity will be restored
>on Mobius, and everyone, save a few bitter souls scarred too
>harshly by the war, will live happily ever after

Who says evil would be kicked out. What about Snively? And even
after Snively, you have thousands of swat bots to deal with (sort
of like a "Terminator" theme), and maybe, some of the survivors (or
someone period) would take the opportunity to take Mobius while
it's in it's weak stages of rebuilding. Besides, I HATE endings.
Whenever a good story ends, I always feel like I want more (anyone
agree?). That's why a part of me is glad that the third season
didn't go in effect (so call me a rebel). The 3rd season not being
made forced a lot of the good writers to make stories of possible
outcomes of the Mobius. (P.S. give credit to Archie for not coming
even close to a conclusion).

On 96-01-14 03:42:39 EST, Nomad wrote:

> And last, Snivley, would he be a better Robotnik???

In my opinion, no. Robotnik was responsible for taking over the
planet, building the roboticiser, designing war plans, etc.
Snively was only a lackey. True, he did notice Robotnik's mistakes,
but Robotnik was under "hedgehog" stress all the time, so maybe he
couldn't think straight. Snively would be under the same stress
when he comes to power. Also, Robotnik looks to me to be more
than Snively. "Spyhog" gave a lot of credit to Robotnik in that
when Snively wanted to destroy the spy bug, Robotnik told him to
rip out a diode, and put it back. This way, when the spy comes to
replace it, they will be able to catch him (that was to make sure
whoever didn't see the episodes, wasn't in the dark).

I forgot who and when wrote:

>PS-my girlfriend, Vixie (bunnie1235_at_aol.com) is now on the list.
>She's creative, but it a newbie to the net, so go easy... :)

HI VIXIE! Believe me, If you like Sonic, you'll feel right at home.

On 96-01-14 20:28:24 EST, Chris wrote:

>My opinion of Archie is they're publishing the almost-mythical
>story of the War about a thousand years after the event, and a
>lot of details were confused when the story was passed down to
>each generation after the next.. (For an example, when they
>started they thought Sally was /pink/! It was only after that
>their rent-a-scholars realized the error..)

In my opinion, Mobius girls and pink do not mix. I am still upset
about Archie's Bunnie Rabbot (I got my second comic, #32,
and Bunnie just doesn't seem to have her charm), and Amy Rose,
well, either she is rose, or I just don't approve of her very much.

On Sun, 14 Jan 1996, Doug LoConti wrote:

>Bleagh...I didn't like the pink, although she DID appear pink in
>one episode of the Sat AM show...It was in the first season, I
>can't remember which ep it was

I think it was "Heads or Tails".

> I kinda liked her pink.... it doesn't really matter, though....
>hey, does ANYBODY think that.... umm... they will re-air Sonic?
>I heard something about a third season...could this be? Just
>curious.... hey, by the way,

I believe I stated my opinion on this in "Conclusions" section of
this letter.

On 96-01-15 03:11:54 EST, James Firmiss wrote:

>The conclusion of all this is that Sally's mother is a squirrel.
>There was a fanfic story which had Sally's mother in it (as a
>squirrel) so someone out there believes this (or something like
>this) :-)

Story is "Bloodlines", Author is David Pistone, Theory is Good,
Someone is Someones.

Last part guys (ALRIGHT!)
On 06-01-17 19:56:23 EST, Robert Haynie wrote:

> Is it my imagination, or does USA clip a few minutes out of
>their sunday morning broadcast of StH?
> rob

>From my position, they have cut out about 30 minutes worth of the
show. I stayed up until 7:30 am on Sunday (I mean 9:00am Sun to
7:30am Mon), and didn't see anything. Could someone give me a time
pointer on the airing around the Washington DC area? (Is there
anyone even living close to D.C. area?) (P.S. I just read some more
mail, and found out which type of episodes you guys are talking
In D.C. area, Sat morning episoded were taken off the air about
month ago, and I was really hoping for at least reruns).

Well, that's the longest message I've ever written, and hopefully
will ever write ("Will he SHUT UP!" - your thoughts).

P.S. would it be much trouble if Erich *forwarded* all my messages
to the list, and I get the list messages from AOL? (we are poor,
and AOL is too greedy). ("No really, WILL HE!?!?")

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