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Date: Wed, 24 Jan 1996 13:40:43 -0700 (MST)

On Mon, 22 Jan 1996 wrote:

> Ok, I have way to much time on my hands right now so I'm writing this to
> sort of talk and get a few questions awnsered.
> 40 Freedom Fighter Groups!!!! (in the comic and our own)....I never knew
> there were so many. Robotnik has a lot against him doesn't he? If I were him,
> I'd have given up a long time ago and nuked the Great Forest and be done with
> it. (Then I would nuke the rest of the world to be on the safe side)

        Who would want to like on a ball of radioactive mud? I've seen
the results you get, trying something like that. [MILITARY CLASSIFIED
MATERIAL CENSORED HERE] I don't think even Robotnik is _THAT_ stupid.

> Is it me, or are Stealthbots unreliable? Anyone could work wonders with
> them but Robotnik hardly uses them. Mass an army of them and as stated above,
> nuke the world. (Ok, it's not that realistic, but it would be fun!)

        Yeah, I'll buy this. But when you mass an army of mechs, you got
a support and supply problem that just won't quit. Believe me, I've seen

        Uhhh, sorry about the censorship, folks. It isn't a joke. There
are _still_ a few things I'm not supposed to talk about, now that I'm out
of the military.

        Anyway, Robotnik, Snivley & Co. seem to have a fair regard for
their own skin. Otherwise, they'd have started in on some of the more
_exotic_ methods of warefare know to exist. Nukes, chemicals,
bio-warfare (ugh!), kinetic energy weapons, you name it. Biowarfare
would seem especially useful when you're fighting a different race
altogether! After all, any biologist/genetic engineer worth his salt
would find it dead easy to come up with a new disease that avoided
humans, but struck down other animals. There are plenty of
species-specific plagues out there.

        The problem with this, is that you get into the whole total war
concept. Dangerous. Gets people _REALLY_ pissed. Just ask the Nazi's.
Even _they_ were afraid of trying this for fear of retaliation. It's all
too easy to get out of control on _both_ sides. Result?

        One _dead_ and _sterile_ planet. No good to either side.
(that's assuming anyone's still left alive to be called the winner!)

        Trust me. This is something I'm _ALL_ too familiar with. You
_really_ don't want my nightmares, folks.

        So I have to say that barring Robotnik/Snivley losing it
completely, such weapons will likely remain unused.

        (Can you say `Balance of Terror', children? Good. I knew you could.)

        Guess that's all for now.

        Thanks for listening....

        Fortuna bless and keep you.....

        Ed Becerra

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