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Pretty serious post there.

You're my kind of fan!

You have to figure someone like Robotnik has enough gray matter, however
corrupt, to avoid any long-term mass destruction. Then again, he also
seems like the kind of guy who, with his back to the wall, just might
torch an entire planet out of spite. For as long as the show ran (and
the comic runs), the two sides seem to be holding each other in check.

To flip the strategic question, the byword for Knothole operations seems
to be "surgical precision." OK, that's two words, but you get my drift.
Sally doesn't seem to go in for the Massive Assault(tm) when strategic
crippling of Robotnik's infrastructure will do just as well.

What would happen if that were to ever change? Kanterovich & Penders
hinted at it in the beginning of "Night Of A Thousand Sonics" [Sonic
#19]. The alternative Mobius described by the Borg Sonic (with more
than a faint bow to the Terminator movies) would require a bit more
firepower and a bit more crank on the part of the resistance. On THAT
Mobius, I could picture "Life During Wartime" by Talking Heads as part
of the soundtrack.

Just my $.02:
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