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Subject: Knothole's Origins

In the Sat. AM episode "Blast to the Past", it was established that
Knothole village existed even before the coup. Now, my personal theory
is that it and other such secret villages were established as safe havens
for the mobian royal family and citizens during the Great War.

There's only one problem with this idea: if the King knew of the location
of these villages (as evinced by his list of Freedom Fighter groups),
wouldn't his Minister of War (Robotnik) have known them as well? I'm
assuming that the King made the list before he was thrown into the Void,
as he seems pretty cut off from the goings-on of Mobius now that he's in
the Void. Besides, how would Ari have known of the list if it hadn't
existed before the King entered the Void? Any ideas about either question?

Perhaps King Acorn didn't really trust his Minister of War as much as he
seemed to, and so kept the locations secret from him.

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