Hey, anybody like my RPG?

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Date: Sat, 20 Jan 1996 01:49:13 -0700

        First, to keep this letter to the context of this list, does anyone have
a rough history of the Sonic world? Some body asked me for a plot and history (I
think, have to reread the message)
        Now, has anyone tested my RPG? I know some of you don't have much time,
but those that do, how is it? (reply to me please) Feel free to sent me any
characters that you deem worthy of me taking a look at. Oh, that's right...I
don't know who's all making retyped versions of the RPG, so those who are,
please send me a copy. (the first copy looked bad because of human error caused
by lack of sleep)
        How many Freedom Fighter groups are out there do you think? I know of
the Knothole resistance, the Wolfpack, the Eastern and Western groups and my
own, the Scarlet Bluebirds. (from the still half written story I keep rambling
about to everyone)
        Any I should include? (Helps for RPG stuff)

                        I've talked enough,

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