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On Sat, 13 Jan 1996, Matthew Penna wrote:

> >But, really, I think that if every
> >character has 'super powers' of some sort, it would ruin the game and the
> comic,
> >and the TV show, and...well, you get the idea. Is there anyone who agrees with
> >me.
> On this note, I agree with you. I suppose that one of the reasons I enjoy
> the stories is because the general themes seem plausible. The idea of small
> groups of rebels fighting against a gargantuan source of power has been the
> focus of many authors over the years. (Look at the Star Wars trilogy.) Hey,
> it works. But to grant the characters some types of special abilities would
> really detract from the original intent of the characters' creators, making
> them seem removed from reality. Meaning, we really couldn't relate to their
> hopes and aspirations any longer. It might be funny if somebody wrote a

Giving characters superpowers could work if they are balanced by
superweaknesses. An ultra-power weapon could be balanced by its lack of
accuracy in hitting the target. That can make for a friendly-fire subplot
which, while saddening, would show how another character deals with loss.
A character with super-strength could be balanced by undergoing an
"equal-but-opposite reaction" making him/her/it weak and vulnerable after
using their strength. And Antoine can balance out any Freedom Fighter
team which (in the mind of the story author) is a bit too successful.

But giving the Freedom Fighters infinite power would make the story less
believable if not even create sympathy for Robo 'n' Sniv. Not much will
kill my interest in a story faster than a lack of believability.

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