Re: Nomad worried!

From: Matthew Penna <>
Date: Sat, 13 Jan 1996 14:49:56 -0500

>I need to know something. Where is David Piston?

If you need to talk to him, you might try mailing him directly, instead of
through the list. I believe his E-mail address is

>did anyone else recieve my RPG?

I received mine. I hope others fared as well!

>But, really, I think that if every
>character has 'super powers' of some sort, it would ruin the game and the
>and the TV show, and...well, you get the idea. Is there anyone who agrees with
On this note, I agree with you. I suppose that one of the reasons I enjoy
the stories is because the general themes seem plausible. The idea of small
groups of rebels fighting against a gargantuan source of power has been the
focus of many authors over the years. (Look at the Star Wars trilogy.) Hey,
it works. But to grant the characters some types of special abilities would
really detract from the original intent of the characters' creators, making
them seem removed from reality. Meaning, we really couldn't relate to their
hopes and aspirations any longer. It might be funny if somebody wrote a
parody where all the FF were super-powered idiots. It has been done before,
turning heroes who are intelligent into idiots with all muscle and no
mentality. But to make them this way permanently would do a great
disservice, IMHO. Just my thoughts.....


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