From: Robin Hood <>
Date: Sat, 13 Jan 1996 01:28:16 -0500 (EST)

> Okay, here's what I'VE been wondering: WHAT ARE YOU ANTI-TWISTED METTLE
> PEOPLE ON?!?!?!?!
Uh, NyQuil. How about you? :)

> "...You can post...anything related to the Sonic/Mobius storyline..." DOES
Well, yes, to me it does. This mailing list was created to talk about the
story-lines that detail the Sonic universes. It was my understanding that
this includes the plot lines of the Saturday morning show, the comics,
the fan-fic, the weekday afternoon show (if anybody dares :) ), even the
PLOTs of the Genesis and Game Gear games... but not the game play itself.

This, again to my understanding, does NOT include a bunch of messages that
ask for support on the creation of a game, and a whole bunch of other
messages detailing what will go into such a game. If you want to talk about
the story/plot that surrounds this game, and provided the traffic for such
doesn't get too out of hand (I've heard that some netters actually have to
pay for their incoming email), then fine. But game play suggestions, coding,
graphics... uh, no, don't think so.
> Twisted Mettle is a game based ENTIRELY on the Sat-AM
> (Sun-AM now, eh?) cartoon
Just as all of this is based on the Genesis games. But again, we're not
talking about them, either.

> therefore HAVE SUBSCRIBED TO THE WRONG LIST! As for the "large amount of
> mail" you're whining about, there was an EQUAL amount when the perv
> directory (a MUCH less worthy asset) was removed, and no-one complained.
Well, maybe somebody should have. :)

> If you don't see me on the list anymore, I urge you to follow my lead and
> unsubscribe yourselves.

> Then, we can start the Twisted Mettle list, and
> see how the mail there compares to the sound of crickets chirping over on
> this one. However, if I stay, maybe these maint people AREN'T complete
> fools, and there's hope. Depends...
 Here's hoping the game gets it's own list anyways. Those who want it
definitely seem to be that gung-ho about it (yourself included), so a
mailing list for that would be a good idea.

Or maybe you can talk about such things on the newsgroup.
Such things would be more in-topic there (since, again to my understanding,
the idea is to talk about ALL things Sonic over there), not to mention it
might increase the traffic of an otherwise slim-pickings newsgroup.

My $.02---Kris

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