From: THADDEUS BOYD <AHVT94B_at_prodigy.com>
Date: Sat, 13 Jan 1996 00:35:54 EST

Well, I have a feeling I'm about to be kicked off the list for this. If
this is the case, so be it; if the ML keeps going in the direction it's
headed it won't be worth having by this time next month anyway. 8'(

Okay, here's what I'VE been wondering: WHAT ARE YOU ANTI-TWISTED METTLE
"...You can post...anything related to the Sonic/Mobius storyline..." DOES
THAT RING A BELL?! Twisted Mettle is a game based ENTIRELY on the Sat-AM
(Sun-AM now, eh?) cartoon, with Snively, Sally, Dulcy, the WORKS, and if
you think THAT'S not related to the Sonic/Mobius storyline, you clearly
haven't seen ANY of the cartoons, or read ANY of the comics or fanfic, and
therefore HAVE SUBSCRIBED TO THE WRONG LIST! As for the "large amount of
mail" you're whining about, there was an EQUAL amount when the perv
directory (a MUCH less worthy asset) was removed, and no-one complained.
Besides, if you think this is too much mail (oh boy, here comes the "I
walked 20 miles in the snow, uphill both ways" line), try THIS: Write a
message to EINEXILE_at_NETCOM.COM with the message "SUBSCRIBE EBLANA" as the
subject, wait a week, and then download all the mail, which *I* did without
complaining ONCE!

Okay, I'm happier now that I've finally gotten all my 600+ Eblana messages
out of my "incoming folder" and gotten that off my chest. If the
consequence is that I'm going to be kicked off the list, like I said, so be
it. I came here to share my stories, which I can't send to the list
anymore, and to discuss fan works for Sonic the Hedgehog, and if Twisted
Mettle isn't one, may God strike me down and kick me in the nads afterwards!!!!!


If you don't see me on the list anymore, I urge you to follow my lead and
unsubscribe yourselves. Then, we can start the Twisted Mettle list, and
see how the mail there compares to the sound of crickets chirping over on
this one. However, if I stay, maybe these maint people AREN'T complete
fools, and there's hope. Depends...

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