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Just hitting the highlights:

> >[Note: Funny, I'd have thought someone else would have commented on this
> >issue by now. Oh,well.
> Two reasons: while I think we enjoy reading each other's reviews of the
> comics, they don't seem to generate much discussion, thus why bother?
> Also, you do such a good job of skewering the stories, er, pointing out
> areas for improvement :^) that you're a hard act to follow (or precede, or
> whatever :^))

Thanks for the kind words.

> > Sonic accidentally causes a speedup in the thawing process and Mobie
> >promptly begins running amok. Bunnie trees Mobie until he calms down.
> Nice action sequence with Bunnie, but I'm afraid I'm beginning to agree
> with Chris Baird's assessment of her depiction as a "kewpie doll"...

Agreed. I also should have mentioned that I liked the sequence where
Mobie rescues Sonic before he becomes robodog chow. Like the opening
sequence of the prologue to the Sally miniseries (#20) -- I'm a sucker
for sequences where there's no dialogue and the story has to be told

> >Anti-Mobie sentiment begins to grow (Antoine: "He is ze librarian!"
> >Sally : "I think you mean 'barbarian,' Antoine." Just for the record
> >I'M the librarian, and I have the Master's degree in library science to
> >prove it!
> I'm tempted to ask if the job market for that would be worth the time and
> effort for me to get one of those after 14+ years in electronics
> engineering, but that's a subject for e-mail :^)

When I graduated in the late 70s, the job market for librarians was
horrible! At the time, a lot of libraries were pooling their resources
and joining consortia. Things may be different now because so many
libraries are being impacted by the information revolution or whatever
you call it.

> >some quick drawing in the dirt before Mobie tries taking Muttski apart.
> >The story is wrapped up in short order: Muttski's mind is restored and
> >Mobie is dropped off in a Mobian jungle.
> And of course he'll get over the loss of his family, etc., etc....

I'm really beginning to get bugged by the tendency to wrap up/dispose of
stories by the last page, no matter how nonsensical the solution. It's
a sign of bad writing, period.

> > "Tundra Road" Part 2
> >Rotor is indeed saved by two of the polar Mobians left over from "Way Way
> >Past Cool" (Sonic #26): Sealia the seal (who didn't have any lines the first
> >time but who has now acquired a copy of Antoine's dimestore French accent)
> I noticed she doesn't have legs (yet Rotor does) - what did she have in #26?

Hard to tell. She's in two long shots; in one of them, she COULD have
legs but it's hard to tell. Call it artistic license.

> >The polar Mobians separate Rotor from the herd by setting the herd adrift
> >on an ice floe. Rotor vows to return to release the herd from Robotnik's
> >influence...if the zombified herd doesn't die of starvation in the meantime.
> Details, details...

See above.

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