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From: Ron Bauerle <>
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>From: (Dan Drazen)
>Date: Tue, 9 Jan 1996 09:12:22 -0500 (EST)

>[Note: Funny, I'd have thought someone else would have commented on this
>issue by now. Oh,well.

Two reasons: while I think we enjoy reading each other's reviews of the
comics, they don't seem to generate much discussion, thus why bother?

Also, you do such a good job of skewering the stories, er, pointing out
areas for improvement :^) that you're a hard act to follow (or precede, or
whatever :^))

>Spoilers ahead, yadda yadda yadda...]

> Cover art: Pat Spaziante seems to be making his mark as a cover
>artist, and a dynamic one at that. And he continues to push the outside
>of the envelope in his drawings of Sally. Talk about a tail to astonish....!

Indeed; I did a double take at that, and almost went for a triple, but
decided I'd better just read the story :^)

> "Blast From The Past" (3 parts)

>the impending attack is broken off by Uncle Chuck using a device that
>looks like a remote control for a toy car.

To quote Babs: "how conveeenient"; at least he wasn't cooking chili dogs
this time around...

>Antoine then tumbles into a gorge where he discovers... I'm sorry, but
>Mawhinney's talent totally fails to make his rendition of a frozen
>prehistoric "Mobian bear" very convincing--especially when compared with
>his rendition of a polar bear later in this issue. The two don't look
>anything alike.

Indeed; he really looks simian, not ursine, so why not call him an ape?

>The prehistoric bear (dubbed "Mobie" by Tails) looks more like a hulked-out
>version of that obnoxious animal from the Honeycomb cereal commercials
>on TV (note to overseas readers who don't get American TV: you're not
>missing a thing!).

Off-topic tangent: I'm not sure which is more annoying: Sugar Bear trying
to steal Granny's Super Sugar, er, Honey, er, whatever, Crisp, or Dig'Em
the Frog doing the same thing to a cat minding his own business...

> Sonic accidentally causes a speedup in the thawing process and Mobie
>promptly begins running amok. Bunnie trees Mobie until he calms down.

Nice action sequence with Bunnie, but I'm afraid I'm beginning to agree
with Chris Baird's assessment of her depiction as a "kewpie doll"...

>Anti-Mobie sentiment begins to grow (Antoine: "He is ze librarian!"
>Sally : "I think you mean 'barbarian,' Antoine." Just for the record
>I'M the librarian, and I have the Master's degree in library science to
>prove it!

I'm tempted to ask if the job market for that would be worth the time and
effort for me to get one of those after 14+ years in electronics
engineering, but that's a subject for e-mail :^)

>knock himself out and almost gets chomped by Muttski. Snoic has to do
Might want to fix that for the official FAQ :^)

>some quick drawing in the dirt before Mobie tries taking Muttski apart.
>The story is wrapped up in short order: Muttski's mind is restored and
>Mobie is dropped off in a Mobian jungle.

And of course he'll get over the loss of his family, etc., etc....

>I suppose by making bears the sapient species instead of primates,
>evolution on Mobius took a different turn. But I'll leave that to the
>theoreticians on the list -- I'm a Mobian creationist myself ;-) .

Boy, could we start a discussion/flamewar (not between you and me -
I'm a creationist too) on _that_ one :^) I have my own opinion on
religion and furries, but since it's all hypothetical and we've got enough
problems with religion and _humans_, why argue about it?

> "Tundra Road" Part 2

>Rotor is indeed saved by two of the polar Mobians left over from "Way Way
>Past Cool" (Sonic #26): Sealia the seal (who didn't have any lines the first
>time but who has now acquired a copy of Antoine's dimestore French accent)

I noticed she doesn't have legs (yet Rotor does) - what did she have in #26?

>The polar Mobians separate Rotor from the herd by setting the herd adrift
>on an ice floe. Rotor vows to return to release the herd from Robotnik's
>influence...if the zombified herd doesn't die of starvation in the meantime.

Details, details...

Nice review, as usual!

Ron Bauerle

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