Re: 'Twisted Mettle' Plot?

From: Michael Kraft <>
Date: Wed, 10 Jan 1996 03:34:39 -0500

Doug LoConti:
>Sega can't touch us, since this is FANDOM, and we're not making a buck off
>of it. In other words, it's legal to make this game.

Not that I don't want this to be done or something like that, but if it
features characters created by SEGA then it is in violation of copyright
laws, because if SEGA ever decides to make a PC Sonic game, they would lose
money. Who would buy a Sonic game from SEGA when they could get one for free
over the Net?

Fanfic and Fanart are a bit different because they don't really take profit
away from the company (see ongoing legal discussion with WB in or another group like that).

Like I said I'd like it to be done, but don't think SEGA will ignore it if
they find out about it.

>If you decide to join/help our "team", you will have your name in the
credits! :)
>And who knows where it leads from >there.... >>hopefully<< $ega will buy
our little "idea", and we'll all get

Or jail time :)
I wouldn't go pushing the game to SEGA after you make it if I were you. They
probably wouldn't be too happy that you decided to make a game for them
without their knowledge and now they're supposed to pay you for it.

Other than that I'm for it, I'd just keep it low profile.

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