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On Thu Jan 4 21:44:06 1996, Erich Schulman (KTN4CA) Team OS/2 wrote:

>> 80 SUBSCRIBERS?! How come I saw only about ten of then? No >>wait, I can
answer that. They are either too busy, can't call at >>the time, or just
don't care. I for one like having a small amount >>of people on the board.
Feels kind of like our own, tiny, Fredom >>Fighter group, but than, that's
who we are :') .

>It's quite common for a mailing list to have a few who post >frequently, a
few more who post occasionally, quite a few who >post infrequently, and many
who never post at all. The Sonic list >is no exception. There is one user
who joined last March or April >and has yet to make their first post to the

Frequent Posters Rule!
        The concept that people like us keep Sonic popular, reminds me of the Tiny
Toons episode where Babs "renews" an old toon by making her have a lot of
fans. I think that if it weren't for us and all other groups of Sonic fans,
Sonic the Hedgehog wouldve "died" about three years ago. (A sick and sad

By the way, You people who just listen, but don't write, SUCK! Come on! We
need help with our game! We need Sonic info! We need REAL Sonic fans!

"If it ain't blue, don't get it!" - ME (A rule I try to follow)

                                                Dmitry (Sonic Fan) Murashchik

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