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Date: Sat, 6 Jan 1996 01:05:39 -0500 (EST)

> Frequent Posters Rule!
> The concept that people like us keep Sonic popular, reminds me of the Tiny
> Toons episode where Babs "renews" an old toon by making her have a lot of
> fans. I think that if it weren't for us and all other groups of Sonic fans,
> Sonic the Hedgehog wouldve "died" about three years ago. (A sick and sad
> thought).

Hmm, let's paraphrase that. 'If it weren't popular, it's popularity would've
died about three years ago.' Makes sense to me. :) Dan Quayle, what do you
> By the way, You people who just listen, but don't write, SUCK! Come on! We
> need help with our game! We need Sonic info! We need REAL Sonic fans!

Don't throw that word around too loosely. Except for my stories and
one comment about them, this is the first I have posted to this list in ages.
And I would take offense to you telling me that I 'SUCK' if I thought that
you meant it personally.

"REAL Sonic fans"? What is this, the army? Sheesh. :)

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