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Date: Thu, 4 Jan 1996 18:51:15 -0500

On 96-01-04 10:46:11 EST, Erich Schulman wrote:

>The Sonic list has 80 subscribers at present, as we approach our >first
anniversary next month.

80 SUBSCRIBERS?! How come I saw only about ten of then? No wait, I can answer
that. They are either too busy, can't call at the time, or just don't care. I
for one like having a small amount of people on the board. Feels kind of like
our own, tiny, Fredom Fighter group, but than, that's who we are :') .

(This might look like trash. So, call me trash :') ).

"If it ain't blue, don't get it!" - ME (A rule I try to follow)

                                                Dmitry (Sonic Fan) Murashchik

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