Sonic RPG

From: <>
Date: Thu, 4 Jan 1996 01:33:09 -0700

        First, I'm 17, 18 in 3 months.
        Second, I thought sure, a few people will want my RPG, but I wasn't
expecting this many. (I will still give it to you here in a day or two,
additions and stuff, you know)
        Third, I am warning you, this RPG is mostly untested and those that
played it liked it. (except for a rabbit who thought he could get a power ring
and almost drowned because he couldn't swim!)
        Fourth, this game is simple, alot more than AD&D.
        And Fifth, I need to know from the runner of this E-mail thing if I can
just send parts using this address, or if I have to do it individualy?
        So, as always, waiting for a reply,

        PS: How many of you are out there? (in case more messages for the RPG
request come in)

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