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Nicole Peters ( wrote:
: Where have all the letters gone? I remember all the happy little hedgehog
: lovers eagerly wrighting about there favoret guy and last time I checked up
: on this group there was somewon wanting to make a sonic haters club, some-
: won selling their sonic stuff, and a letter similar to this one!

Most StH fans are in the Sonic mailing list, it seems. Also, I'm on the
verge of bailing out of StH fandom because of Sega's actions, requesting
the removal of fan art from the main StH FTP/WWW site, even though the
writers/artists have every right to make these works under the
appropriate laws. I would honestly like to be encouraged to stay in Sonic
fandom, but right now, Sega's actions have left me very DIScouraged. :( I
even had plans of writing a tastefully naughty Bunnie story (which I've
developed already, and takes place 10 years after "Doomsday", but is very
different from the other 10-years-after StH stories that have been done-
It would put the StH universe in a primarily positive light), but because
of circumstances, I'm ready to kill the project. :( I'd honestly like to
be encouraged to write my tale, and I'd encourage anyone to encourage me
to stay *and* write...

Currently, my dealings WRT the WB end of the fanworks fiasco is taking up
much of my resources, that for the time being, I can't fight Sega right
now, but I will say this to Sega: Keep an eye on what is about to unfold
between WB Animation and WB fans- Preliminary talks may be paving the way
for studio-approved fanworks distribution on the net that DOES include
the "naughty" bits. I cannot say much more than that right now, and won't
until an approved system is set up, which may be a couple months...

All I'll say is that there ARE copyright and trademark laws and court
rulings that allow precedent for toon erotica, which Sega's actions
against violate.

In the meantime, would anyone mind encouraging a fellow StH fan
(especially a Bunnie fan) to stay?

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