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Ron Bauerle said....

> >From: D.M. Quozl Falk <>
> >I even had plans of writing a tastefully naughty Bunnie story (which I've
> >developed already, and takes place 10 years after "Doomsday", but is very
> >different from the other 10-years-after StH stories that have been done-
> >It would put the StH universe in a primarily positive light), but because
> >of circumstances, I'm ready to kill the project. :( I'd honestly like to
> >be encouraged to write my tale, and I'd encourage anyone to encourage me
> >to stay *and* write...
> I'm sure _somebody_ will, but it won't be me... (not meant as a flame, but
> I can't honesly put a smiley in there either...)


> Note to fan-fic authors (nobody in particular though): if your story
> contains sex, violence, or other possibly disturbing stuff, I suggest you
> note that prominently at the beginning of it. I could handle the grimness
> of the show itself, but much of the fan-fic fic has gone an order of
> magnitude beyond that, and it's too much for me.

I would have to agree with Ron here, and had been planning the very
thought of just such a disclaimer. (My planned story, as yet no title,
was planned as a romance at a time when what was left of Mobius was being

I guess that even under the most dire of circumstances, I believe in
hope, which is why I really liked the SatAM (now SunAM) StH, because it
*was* a positive theme within a grim world...

> In fact, since I haven't read much of the fan-fic that's been sent to the
> list (I've stuck it in a "to read" directory, but don't know when I'll get to
> it), would some volunteer out there like to summarize all the fan-fic done
> so far in terms of plot and a rating re. violence/sex/whatever?

That is a very good idea, though I'd have to say Bookshire's WWW story
page does just that!

> >....Quozl!
> >Creator, (and inadvertantly responsible for the
> > Sonic mailing list)
> No argument with the former, but (at the risk of trying to grab
> credit/glory, which I don't mean to do) I sort of thought _I_ had something
> to do with the latter; I started (and still have) a mini-mailing list over
> a year ago and Erich (and others?) took the idea and made it a _real_ list.

I guess you don't know what did lead to the creation of the Sonic list
then. For the record, I'll explain:

During the time I was proposing a.f.s-h in alt.config, a teenager going
by the handle "Tom Servo", who was already notorious for bogus newsgroup
creations, decided to proclain (and then proceeded to) that he will
create every newsgroup proposed, whether it went through discussion or
not, for a few weeks. Deciding not to risk it, I decided to put a.f.s-h
on hold until it blew over. (It wasn't until sometime in February I
started it back up again, after bowing out in mid-December of last year...)
Thinking I had failed to get support (the opposite was true), Erich
Schulman (sp?), et al, started work on the mailing list. Just the fact I
put a.f.s-h on hold, because I did not want it tagged as "bogus" (which
anything created by "Tom Servo" would have been automaticly been tagged
as), I'm partly responsible for this mailing list's creation. Both have
the same goals, but the mailing list has been more successful than the
newsgroup, which saddens me. :(

*le sigh...*

(Who feels like a schmuck sometimes... :( )

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