Satire 0/1

From: Simon Howes <>
Date: Mon, 27 Nov 1995 19:23:34 +0200


Well, I have written a satirical story for all to see. It is probably riddled
with more bad puns and spelling mistakes than I can be held responsible for.
I hope you enjoy it.

Oh by the way, it ends with Sonic getting killed by Robotnik, who via a matter
translater changes to look like him and marries Sally. spolier. Naaah!
Geesh, that would be a socially unacceptable relationship crime. So read it and
find out the story for yourself. Oh yeah one thing that is real though,
Thaddeus, I'm terribly sorry to break this to you, but you get robotocized,
and while I was at writing the story, I copyrighted your name. You will have
to pay me $500 everytime you use it.. or I will sue you! Aargghh! Sorry
guys, I feel over happy at the moment.. It has something to do with this
asci Graph!

4| **** * _at_******
3| * * * * *
2| * * * *
1| * ****** *

The 01234 stands for ho many times faster work is.. the A-Z is time.
I'm at the _at_ sign right now! :)


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