Re: More balloon trivia (not really Sonic-related)

From: John W. Johnston <>
Date: Mon, 27 Nov 95 08:05:33 MST

>I'll remove my correspondent's address to protect the innocent/guilty and
>so you can flame me for this being off-topic, but I thought it might be of
>The only comment I'll make is that as long as these "other inert gases"
>aren't things like chlorine, carbon monoxide, or hydrogen sulfide (none of
>which are really inert :^)), then I don't know what would be dangerous
>about inhaling party helium (but don't sue me if you do and it kills you :^))

The deadly part is the fact that you are not inhaling oxygen. Once I
heard about someone who put his mouth over a helium tank, with one of
those balloon inflaters on top, turned it on, and took more that a full
breath of helium. His face turned blue and he passed out on the floor. He
recovered in about 10 minutes.

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