Nothing for Granted, Part 4/7

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Nothing for Granted
A Sonic the Hedgehog story
by Kris Kelley

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Part 4

     Sally was using Nicole to studying some information that had recently
been hacked from Robotnik's computers when she heard a knock. "Come in."
     It was Sebastian. "Hello, Sally. I have an idea I want to discuss
with you."
     "Sure, Sebastian. Here, sit down." She offered the space beside her.
     Sebastian did so. "I was thinking about how I could help the Freedom
Fighters, and I would like to offer to train them in the martial arts."
     Sally thought for a moment. "That sounds like a good idea."
     Sebastian smiled. "Great! It's just that I---" Glancing at
Nicole's screen, his voice trailed off. A word had caught his eye,
"NILREB". He leaned over to try and read the rest. "May I?"
     "Sure," she said, moving Nicole over for him. "Is there something
     Sebastian read.


     Sebastian gasped. "Nilreb! Oh, no!"
     "What is it?" Robotnik seemed to like calling all of his cities
"major research centers", and Sally had figured this was just a plan to
search another abandoned city and then begin rebuilding it.
     "There are people living in Nilreb. Lots of people."
     Sally gasped. "Really?"
     "Yes, but that's not all. Let me explain." Sebastian then told her
about his time in Nilreb, and what Alison had told him about the city.
     Sally shook her head in amazement. "So there really are humans left
on Mobius."
     "Yes, and they aren't working for Robotnik. You must believe that.
Sally, we need to help them."
     Sally looked at the message on Nicole's screen again. "Okay, we need
to act quickly then. This message is dated today, so we have five days to
work with. Go find Sonic. He'll find the others. Tell him we need to
have all the Freedom Fighters here for an emergency meeting.

     One hour later, the Freedom Fighters were all gathered in Sally's hut.
     Sally spoke. "Okay, please listen. We have learned that there are
still humans living on Mobius, and that they are concentrated in one city,
Nilreb. We have also learned that Robotnik plans to have all of them
roboticized and the city turned into another Robotropolis. We have five
days to make it to Nilreb and figure out how we can save them."
     The newest Freedom Fighter recruit, Cat, asked, "Humans? Can we
trust them?"
     Sally nodded. "Sebastian, here, has been to Nilreb and knows one of
them. Now look, I know what you may be thinking about this, but as always
I expect full devotion to this mission. If any of you think that you
won't be able to put aside any doubts about the humans, please leave now."
     Nobody left.
     "Okay, we leave for Nilreb tomorrow. Any questions?"
     Bunnie asked, "What exactly are we gonna be doing over there?"
     "We don't know yet, to be honest. Once we get to Nilreb, we're going
to meet with a human named Alison. From there we will see exactly what we
can do. We have five days to work with. Any more questions?"
     There were none.
     "Okay, in the morning, we journey to Nilreb. Thank you all."

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