Nothing for Granted, Part 6/7

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Nothing for Granted
A Sonic the Hedgehog story
by Kris Kelley

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Part 6

Day Zero

     "Snively! Prepare my personal transport. Today is the day!"
     Snively sighed heavily. "Yes, sir."

     "Today is the day. I hope we pull this off," Alison said.
     "Me, too," Sally said. She pulled out her com-link and checked with
the other humans and Freedom Fighters. Everybody was ready.

     That afternoon, Robotnik stood on the platform overlooking Nilreb's
town park. Not many people bothered to show up, he thought. Fools. I
only wonder why I did not go through with this sooner. "Thank you for
coming out here today. As you know, for the past decade I have strived to
create a perfect world out of Mobius, a world of technological perfection.
 Even now, however, there is still room for much improvement. Recently, I
came to realize how I could make such an improvement." He paused,
surveying the crowd the way he always did, eagerly anticipating the looks
of surprise and shock they would have when they found out. "I have
decided that in order to continue Mobius's movement towards this
perfection, it would be in the best interests to..." He paused again.
This was the moment. "...have all the citizens of Nilreb roboticized and
the city converted to a much needed research center. Swat-Bots, begin the
     Robotnik looked over the crowd ready to enjoy the fear in their
faces. Instead, he heard a word shouted across the park.
     Chaos resulted soon after.

* * *

     Late that evening, Sally, Sonic, Alison, and Sebastian gathered in
the basement of Alison's restaurant, or what was left of the restaurant.
They felt that they could not have asked for a more text-book victory than
the one they fought for that day. Within the first half hour, most of the
Swat-Bots were dismantled, either destroyed in the park, or smashed to
pieces using whatever the humans and the Freedom Fighters had at their
disposal around the city. Robotnik, taken completely by surprise, had
quickly fled. He later returned with a new army of Swat-Bots, and they
tore the city apart looking for people, but by then the remaining humans
had joined those already safely away from the city. Alison and the
Freedom Fighters stayed behind, hiding in their respective areas, to make
sure that everybody made it to safety. Now, it was time for the Freedom
Fighters to go home, and for the humans to go wherever their lives took them.

     "So, Sebastian, are you coming back with us?" Sally asked.
     Sebastian and Alison looked at each other, and once again, there were
ponderings of what might have been. Or maybe, what could be.
     "Alison...?" Sebastian started to ask.
     "I would love for you to!" she answered. She walked over and hugged
him. "I think I'm stating to like you just a little."
     Sonic smirked. "Aww."
     Sebastian laughed, embarassed. "I think I will be going with the
others, Sally."
     Sally smiled. "I had a feeling. Okay, off with you two. I hope we
will meet again in the future."
     The four said their final goodbyes, and then Alison and Sebastian left.
     Sonic stretched and yawned. "Now let's juice back to Knothole! I'm
gettin' tired of this dump!"
     "Okay, let me call the others." She pulled out her com-link.
"Freedom Fighters, we are ready to return home. I ask that you be at the
checkpoint within the next half-hour. Please confirm."
     One by one, the Freedom Fighters replied.
     Sally blinked. That wasn't everybody. She spoke into the com-link
again. "Tolouse, please confirm."
     There was no answer.
     Still no answer.
     "This can't be right, he called right after the initial attack.
Sonic, do you remember where he was positioned?"
     "Sure thing, Sal! Be right back!" He raced up the stairs and out
into the night. Ten minutes later, Sally heard him return, walking slowly
down the stairs.
     "So what did you...?" Sally noticed he was carrying something. She
looked, and dropped her com-link. "Oh gods, no!"
     "I saw a busted up Swat-Bot, too. It didn't look pretty."
     Sally thought, He must have been taken by surprise. She shook her
head, trying not to lose control. Every war had its casualties, she knew.
 But knowing that didn't make it any less painful. "Let's... let's get
back to Knothole."
     Sonic nodded and turned to leave, Tolouse's body held carefully in
his arms.

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