Nothing for Granted, Part 3/7

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Nothing for Granted
A Sonic the Hedgehog story
by Kris Kelley

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Part 3

     Dr. Robotnik was sitting in his command chair, drumming his fingers.
He had been doing so for some time, and Snively was beginning to wonder
just what was going through his mind. Either he's really concentrating,
Snively thought, or the old fool has finally blown his mind. Snively had
to cover his mouth to keep from chuckling.
     Finally, Robotnik spoke. "Snively, tell me again why I'm not
roboticizing those humans in Nilreb?"
     Oh no, not this again. "Because, sir, you planned to make Mobius a
place where only humans would live, free from all of the other furry
     "Yes, yes, but I'm beginning to realize even they aren't worth
saving. Do you think any of them could ever match my intellect? Do you
think any of them will ever accurately comprehend my visions, my dreams of
the future? And what about these reports I keep getting saying some of
them are actually helping other animals?"
     Snively was worried. If he roboticized all the humans the way he was
doing everybody else, who would be left? Snively didn't want to live in
such a world. "But sir, you can't roboticize everybody! Who would be
around to run the machines?"
     "Me, of course! And you, perhaps, unless you keep questioning me
like that!!"
     Snively gulped. "But, but... you can't live forever!"
     "We will see about that. I have come this far. Do you really think
that I am going to let something like death stop me?"
     Robotnik fell silent again, and Snively turned back around, unable to
pay attention to his work. He has blown his mind, Snively thought. He
wasn't chuckling anymore.
     Robotnik said at last, "Well Snively, I have made up my mind. You
will excuse me while I go to set up my plans." He stood and walked out of
the command center.
     Snively sighed. Sure, he hated non-human animals as much as Robotnik
did, but to roboticize the humans as well? This is one time where I hope
you fail, Robotnik, he thought. I don't know how, but I hope you fail.

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