Nothing for Granted, Part 7/7

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Nothing for Granted
A Sonic the Hedgehog story
by Kris Kelley

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Part 7

     The humans that had once occupied the city of Nilreb were soon
scattered across the Northern Continent. Sebastian and Alison kept a
small band of them together, and it was their goal to make it to the
western coast, where it was said that the wild forest area offered a
perfect haven, almost entirely secluded from Robotnik's influence.
     "Do you think we'll make it?" Alison asked.
     Sebastian looked at her and smiled. He promised himself that he
would never come so close to giving up again, the way he had that rainy
night outside of Nilreb. "I know we will." He offered his paw.
     Alison took it. "Let's go, then."

     Knothole mourned the loss of Tolouse, and he was buried near the
Power Ring Pool, where they had set up a small memorial for those who had
given their lives to the cause. Sally spoke to a gathering of the
Knothole residents, saying that Tolouse would always be remembered for his
devotion to the cause, and that he would be given his proper place in
history when the struggle against Robotnik was finally over.

     Nilreb was eventually rebuilt into another of Dr. Robotnik's "major
research centers," and as far as he was concerned, the humans were done
for. He would never accept that that many had escaped out from under him.
 Coincidentally, the Freedom Fighters also decided that anybody who asked
would be told that they had no knowledge of humans still living on Mobius.
 Should the wrong pair of ears ever ask, that would give the humans the
best chance of survival.

     The struggle continued.

--- The End.

    "Thus quoth the raven, nevermore."

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