Nothing for Granted, Part 0/7

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Nothing for Granted
A Sonic the Hedgehog story
by Kris Kelley

This story is protected by copyright laws. Feel free to distribute this
story, but the authors do not allow any unauthorized alteration of the story or
distribution for profit.

Author's salted mixed ramblings:

Okay, so I lied. I managed to come up with an idea for another Sonic
story, so "On My Mother's Grave" isn't my final one. Hope you like this one.

Hiyas go to... well, everybody. So many names to list, I couldn't
possibly remember them all. A special hello to all the FurTooniacs.

As usual, comments and suggestions can be sent to:

All the characters depicted herein are the creation and property of Kris
Kelley, except for the following:
Sonic, Sally, Bunnie, Antoine, Rotor, Cat, Dr. Robotnik, and Snively:
 created and owned by Service and Games (SEGA) and/or Archie Publications
 and/or DiC.
Todd: created and owned by Craig Fox.

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