Re: Perv pictures are off

From: Simon Howes <>
Date: Sun, 5 Nov 1995 17:55:59 +0200

>Ok, that wasn't at all Sonic related, but I figured this is a good place to
>spam about how AOL deals with that kind of stuff. No warnings, just CLICK,
>and you're gone FOREVER.

Aaah, the wonder of Windoze. Yes, this is an example of people for you, ainit..
They'd rather kill you than have a chat.. probably because if they did have
one we would dominate them with our logic.

This too is not Sonic related, but very true to life... Oh shit, I'm
beginning to Sound like I'm intelligent! ARGHH!

Okay, lets make this a Sonic Message: aaargh.. out of inspiration.


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