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Date: Thu, 19 Oct 1995 22:39:24 -0400 (EDT)

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You wrote:
>> > Archie Sonic #30 is out...
>> And I've still not seen my copy of #29 in the mail. I guess I'll have
>> to see if I can still find it locally. I'm getting to wonder what my
>> subscription is for.
>Funny, I was thinking of subscribing. Have you been unhappy with the
>If it ends up being late all the time, I'd just as soon buy it at the

I don't know how many of you on the list went to ConFURence East just
recently in New Jersey... but didn't it seem really funny but COOL that
they had LOTS and LOTS of Sonic comics? They had issues #28, 29 and 30 as
well as #1 of the TAILS comic and #1 of IN YOUR FACE. :)

Sonic & Co. are invading the furry fandom!!! _at_Wheeee!!! :)

                                           -Dan Ramos
                                            Miles / Sonic _at_ FurTooniaMUCK
                                            Sonic _at_ FurryMUCK

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