To be or not to be- two sonic storys.

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Here are two Sonic storys I am working on. they have the same title
but don't be confused.
One is meant to be a continuation of From Amy Rose, with Love
The other story features Knuckles.

I need imput on these storys, because I have no idea what should
happen next.
Also, I plan on changing the name of the Knuckles story, this name is
just a 'promo'

Here they are!

By Lindsay Cibos-

Prologue (continued from "From Amy Rose, with Love)

 "I'm sorry I slapped you Sonic." Sally started, "I'm going out with
Antoine now. He's a prince.
Anyway I think we should see other animals."
  "I guess so." Sonic said. A tear formed in his eye.
  "Comeon my princez." Antoine said, he smiled.
Sally smiled. She took Antoines hand.
  "Antoine....yes."Sally said, her words full of meaning.
Sonic glared at Antoine.
 Antoine smiled and slid the ring on Sally's hand.
They held hands as they walked off into the sunlight.

To Be Or Not To Be
Chapter One

Antoine slid out of bed slowly. Antoine opened his eyes,and saw
Sonic. Sonic had an angry look on his face. Antoine fell out of bed.

   "ECKKK!" Antoine screamed.
  "Yo, Shut-up Ant. You want to wake everybody?!" Sonic said. A red
hand-print wear Princess
Sally slapped Sonic was still visable. Sonic wore green boxers. He
looked like he was angry, but the way he told Antoine to shut-up, it
was clear that he was not mad at Antoine, he was mad at Sally.
  "Whatz to youz want?" Antoine said, wide awake now.
  "It's Tails! He's gone! I woulda' gone to someone else, but they
went on a mission. The only ones left are supposed to be Bunnie, Amy-
Rose, and Tails.
  "Thank-you so much for you're ze encoragement" Antoine said. He
then quickly got dressed and they went outside. "I thought you
mightze want to knowz that me and my mon-sherie,Sally iz ouw you zay,
engaded. Pleasez excuse my french."
  "Is that a joke Antoine?" Sonic asked.
  "No joke,me an ze Sally iz en-" Antoine started, but Sonic
  "Not that 'twain! The part about "Excusing your french"
  "I am ze french, am I not?" Antoine said, now becoming confused.
  "Never mind Ant."
They walked towards Tails hut. When they got there, Sonic pointed out
that there was no sign of struggle, and no sign that Tails had ran
away. The only possible thing Tsils could have done was followed the
others on the mission. A top secret mission that is.
  "Sonic, I zay we not worries about Tails. He's probally fine, no?"
  "Sonic,trust me."


To Be or not to Be
Chapter One

Knothole II on the floating island.....
  "Knuckles, this is the last straw!!!!,"Espio yelled.
  "Why? What did I do?!," Knuckles asked the chameleon. She turned
her back to him. Vector leaned back in his chair at the meeting table,
 studying a map of the island. There were several circles on the map
where they had spotted Mecha Sonic. He had his legs proped up on
another chair. He had an odd smile on his face, like he was HAPPY
about the argument that was taking place.....
  "I saw you with that 'Princess Sally'! You kissed her, you know tha-
  "She kissed me!! It was a kiss on the check! Besides you and me are
not going together! Thats why I didn't conplain when you kissed
Vector." Knuckles glares at Vector. The crocodile simply shrugs; in
such a way as saying 'leave me out of this'.
  "Listen you two, drop it. We have much more IMPORTANT things to
worry about, like finding Mecha, he has the chaos emerald after all!
The floating island IS still falling!! Worry about personal matters
later!,"Vector screamed. Charmy Bee flew into the hut and almost
knocked Vector over. "GeEz! Whats YOUR promblem, lil' bee?"
  "You're right! There are more important things to do!" Knuckles
  "Charmy!," Espio called,"Find Sonic. You are the only one who can
get there the fastest. Tell him to- er here," Espio wrote out a note
for Sonic to read. Charmy Bee couldn't speak and that was a major
weakness for him. She handed the note to Charmy Bee. He looked it
over, and gave her a quick thumbs up. Charmy Bee flew out of the room.

  "What should I do?," Mighty the Armadillo asked Knuckles. He paced
around the room.
  "Hmmmm. You and Alisa go evacuate the island. Heres the parachutes
for everyone. Oh! Heres two for you guys,"
The chipmunk and the Armadillo gave Knuckles a thumbs up. Knuckles
threw them the parachutes. They held hands as they left.
  "Well?,"Vector asked.
  "Me and Espio will go hunt down Mecha. I think we will have an
easier time finding him if we split up."
  "What about me?"
  "You will stay here and wait for Sonic and the other freedom
  "Sigh. I always get stuck with the boring stuff!"

Chapter 2

As Sonic read this, he looked troubled. The lil' waited for Sonic to
respond. Sonic handed Charmy his note back, and sat down at the end
of the bridge, the bee mimicing what Sonic did. They dangled their
legs off the end of the bridge, undistrubed, thinking. Bunnie broke
the peace. She came running up to Sonic, and almost tripped on Charmy,
 which would have resulted in her falling into the lake.

  "SONIC! Little ole Ant left this note" Bunnie said. She was
practiculy in tears. "It broke my little ole heart."

         I have how you say, decided to quit the Freedom Fighters.
         I've met those who treat me better- ANTOINE

   "Good riddins!" Sonic said with a laugh.
   "SONIC! How could you say that? Ah mean the Sugah-fox has some
good points!"
   "Like?" Sonic crossed his arms.
   "I see."
   "Who would treat Antoine better?"
   "WHO CARES?" Sonic said, rolling his eyes.
 The Bee thrashed his arms in the air, trying to get some attention.
Bunnie and Sonic both looked down at him. Charmy handed the note for
Bunnie to read.
    "Sonic, get a power ring." Sonic stood up obediantly and put out
his hand over the water, just in time for the power ring to float up.

Charmy and Bunnie grabbed hold of Sonic.

To be continued.......

Ideas? Comments?
A.k.a Bunnie

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