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From: Joseph Delacroix <hk512_at_cleveland.Freenet.Edu>
Date: Tue, 19 Sep 1995 19:20:37 -0400

Yo, said:

>>From: hk512_at_cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Joseph Delacroix)
>What happened to ""?

Don't look at me. I just work here.

>>Hello there. I'm Joseph from FurToonia, and I've recently discovered this
>>mailing list. I'm a rather large Sonic fan, so I was rather dismayed when
>>I finally realized ABC wasn't carryin StH anymore. So...
>Took you this long, did it? :^)

I'm not that quick. =)

>>I wrote this message on the bulletin board on FurToonia. I'm sending it,
>>in a slightly altered form, to this list in hopes of arousing your interest
>>in my plan.
>(most of message deleted)
>>1. The final episode. If the last episode of Sonic the Hedgehog was not
>> the most extreme cliffhanger in the history of all Saturday morning
>> cartoons, I'm not orange.
> ^^^^^^
>Just what flavor of furry are you? :^)

Now, now, let's leave SOMETHING to the imagination... ;)

>> Even the SWAT Kats ended with a modicum of closure; all of THEIR bad
>> guys were DEAD.
>Interesting; I didn't know that (I gave up on SK since all I was doing was
>drooling over Callie and Felina, and that's not good for me...)

Well, now you do. (And what's wrong with that? Sure, they aren't as hot
as, say, Bunnie Rabbot, but it's a step up from usual H-B fare. =)

>> What of Snively, and the mysterious eyes behind him? What happened to
>> Robotnik? What about the King? (Talk about your cartoonus
>> interruptus...)

*bows* I live to corrupt Latin.

>>2. This was a *good* show. It gave all SORTS of good messages. It was
>> pro-environment (the good guys live in peace with nature, badniks
>> destroy it), anti-pollution (ditto),
>But it was fairly subtle about it, unlike, say, Captain Planet...

Nor did it suck more than a Shop-Vac with a V-12 implanted in it.

>>3. It was also a "good" show in the respect that it was well-written and
>> animated. Very rarely does such a quality show end up on ABC, and
>> especially during the SatAM merchandising-block. It had drama. Pathos.
>> And it was *funny* sometimes, too. It was a show that anyone of any
>> age could watch and appreciate on some level.
>The only other one that comes to mind was the first season of Ewoks.
>But actually Reboot has many of the same elements, but it's such a
>different show that I'm not sure the comparison is valid.

Well, if it's animated, it qualifies on SOME level. (Reboot is cool, IMO.)

>> And I'm sure these people would gladly buy any products that any sponsor
>> of the show would produce, and recommend X product to their friends.
>Depends on the product - I don't know about Sonic underwear, cereal, or
>canned pasta product with imitation cheese :^)

Well, that sort of stuff was done to death in the 80s, anyway. =)

>>Now, here's what I'm thinking here...basically, all we do are these
>>three things:
>>2. Then, a letter should immediately follow the previous message that one
>> could send to (our main enemy) Sega.
>It has yet to be determined just who the "enemy" is here; Sega, DIC, or ABC.

Well, here's how I think it went down:

DiC, being the giving sort they are, sold some original StH cels somewhere.
Sega, sensing that they weren't getting a cut, promptly took away DiC's
rights to the show, and therefore ABC recieved no more of it. It's not the
messenger, it's the badniks^H^H^H^H news itself.

>> It would be pretty similar to the thesis about why the show is good;
>> it would explain why we want Sega to give permission back to DiC to make
>> StH episodes, and our willingness to fully support them if they do. (If
>> we need to write a 2nd letter, this will be slightly more threatening.)
>Here's where I have a problem; "threats" never work, especially when
>they're idle ones; just _how_ would you "threaten" them? There's nothing
>to boycott, which is all they care about. The only possible exception is
>the video games, and let's face it, most fans of the show and/or comic
>either have already bought all the video games they're going to, or they
>don't buy them in the first place (I'm in the latter category).

Well, boycotts aren't the only way to annoy a company. We could, for
example, start raising a stink in the press...maybe get the attention of
WiReD or something. One of Rotor's ( friends has
this list of news sources that can be reached via the net. Maybe we could
try to explain to them our plight, if the mail-in campaign doesn't work.

Also, I was musing over the idea of putting our downloadable form letter on
a web page, and then get it as many links as physically possible (Yahoo, et
al). Since several people around could do this, I was thinking of asking
around later after someone helps me write it up.

>>So, whaddya think? If we all work together on this, we could probably at
>>least make enough noise to make them notice us.
>I think that while it would be nice to have Sonic back, it would also be
>nice to have new Tiny Toons too; given the current marketing/programming
>situation, I don't expect to see either again. All we can do is keep the
>memories alive via the list, Usenet, and fan-fic, and/or move on to
>whatever replaces them (unfortunately, none of the replacements (for Sonic
>_or_ TTA) are nearly as good).

I disagree. I think we've got an excellent opportunity now (being that StH
is currently lurking about on USA) to not only show that the program does
have a *residual* audience, but one that could be enlarged signifigantly.
That's where we come in. If we can attract enough people to the show now,
while the fire is hot, perhaps the new fans would be willing to help get
the show a 3rd season, or at least a mini-movie explaining what the hoo-hah
happened after Doomsday.

That's how I feel. What's everyone else's stance on this?


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