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[text eaten by Muttsky]

>Would it be possible to keep such a comic going within the limits of the
>amount of a story one could tell in 4 daily panels, and without creating
>yet another universe unlike the universes of the comic books and cartoons
>which are already different enough? Which characters should be in a
>daily comic? And, most importantly, is there enough of a market to
>interest a syndicator? Or could Archie Comics become interested in
>taking on this project?

1. In a daily? No, I doubt it. In a Sunday-only, yeah. StH is too big
    for the small print. It'd have to be a Sunday comic.

2. Sonic, Tails, and Sally would probably be the most realistic choices,
    with occasional appearances by Rotor and Bunnie, among others. And
    you'd have to have Robotnik.

3. Well, could be...

4. Thing is, Archie. 'Nuff said.

>And for those of you really into the daily comics, any preferences for
>writers, artists, or syndicator?

Can't help ya there, pal.

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