Re: How rabbot is Bunnie?

From: James Walt <>
Date: Tue, 12 Sep 1995 19:49:29 -0400 (EDT)

On Tue, 12 Sep 1995, James Firmiss wrote:

> >
> > I seem to remember while gophering the usenet that somepne poineted
> > out something I've also noticed.. To wit--
> > In the SatSonic, Bunnie Rabbot has a robot arm and legs, but her...
> > um... "naughty bits", in Pythonesque terms, are apparently flesh (she
> > wears a leotard to cover those as well). But in the comic, Bunnie is
> > apparently robot from teh waist down.
> > There goes one more piece of continuity, crashing down in flames...
> > Rob
> >
> Wait a sec... where in SatSonic did you get to see her "naughty bits"?
> The only bit of info I've seen here is in a Doug Winger drawing. By
> the way... I like alot of his drawings... however I could do without
> most of the bad captions. [he also draws ugly squirrel heads]
> My answer to the question: Does Bunnie have naughty bits under her dress?
> It doesn't matter if that part is roboticized or not... The answer is
> still 'No'... why? She's a toon! Toon's don't have naughty bits!

I would disagree on this point, but it is only in how some folks define
naughty bits. Since the SatAm, and unfortunatly the other, versions
are made for the American (reads western) market, any suggestive (ahem,
ahem) things got zapped by PS&P.

> I guess this is also the answer to a recent post
> from a guy asking if Tails the two-tailed fox also had two err.. um..
> [cover your eyes minors...] two buttholes. Following the above logic the
> answer is no.. he has zero.

You're right, besides, they (the buttholes) are on MTV.

Along the lines of obscene/non obscene, in some cultures the absence of a
character being anatomically correct would be considered offensive.

I'm back from my "vacation" now I have to catch up on two weeks of
posts. To misquote Antoine, "Sacre Bleu Cheese!"

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