Re: How rabbot is Bunnie?

From: James Firmiss <>
Date: Tue, 12 Sep 1995 16:03:15 CDT

> I seem to remember while gophering the usenet that somepne poineted
> out something I've also noticed.. To wit--
> In the SatSonic, Bunnie Rabbot has a robot arm and legs, but her...
> um... "naughty bits", in Pythonesque terms, are apparently flesh (she
> wears a leotard to cover those as well). But in the comic, Bunnie is
> apparently robot from teh waist down.
> There goes one more piece of continuity, crashing down in flames...
> Rob

Wait a sec... where in SatSonic did you get to see her "naughty bits"?
The only bit of info I've seen here is in a Doug Winger drawing. By
the way... I like alot of his drawings... however I could do without
most of the bad captions. [he also draws ugly squirrel heads]

My answer to the question: Does Bunnie have naughty bits under her dress?
  It doesn't matter if that part is roboticized or not... The answer is
  still 'No'... why? She's a toon! Toon's don't have naughty bits!

I guess this is also the answer to a recent post
from a guy asking if Tails the two-tailed fox also had two err.. um..
[cover your eyes minors...] two buttholes. Following the above logic the
answer is no.. he has zero.

Okay... so sue me for not treating this subject seriously :-)

--    James Firmiss
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