Amy Rose Story

Date: Tue, 22 Aug 1995 20:21:58 EDT

Well I found it.
 Heres what I have so far:

Prologue (continued from "From Amy Rose, with Love)

 "I'm sorry I slapped you Sonic." Sally started, "I'm going out with
Antoine now. He's a prince.
Anyway I think we should see other animals."
  "I guess so." Sonic said. A tear formed in his eye.
  "Comeon my princez." Antoine said, he smiled.
Sally smiled. She took Antoines hand.
  "Antoine....yes."Sally said, her words full of meaning.
Sonic glared at Antoine.
 Antoine smiled and slid the ring on Sally's hand.
They held hands as they walked off into the sunlight.

To Be Or Not To Be
Chapter One

Antoine slid out of bed slowly. Antoine opened his eyes,and saw
Sonic. Sonic had an angry look on his face. Antoine fell out of bed.

   "ECKKK!" Antoine screamed.
  "Yo, Shut-up Ant. You want to wake everybody?!" Sonic said. A red
hand-print wear Princess
Sally slapped Sonic was still visable. Sonic wore green boxers. He
looked like he was angry, but the way he told Antoine to shut-up, it
was clear that he was not mad at Antoine, he was mad at Sally.
  "Whatz to youz want?" Antoine said, wide awake now.
  "It's Tails! He's gone! I woulda' gone to someone else, but they
went on a mission. The only ones left are supposed to be Bunnie, Amy-
Rose, and Tails.
  "Thank-you so much for you're ze encoragement" Antoine said. He
then quickly got dressed and they went outside. "I thought you
mightze want to knowz that me and my mon-sherie,Sally iz ouw you zay,
engaded. Pleasez excuse my french."
  "Is that a joke Antoine?" Sonic asked.
  "No joke,me an ze Sally iz en-" Antoine started, but Sonic
  "Not that 'twain! The part about "Excusing your french"
  "I am ze french, am I not?" Antoine said, now becoming confused.
  "Never mind Ant."
They walked towards Tails hut. When they got there, Sonic pointed out
that there was no sign of struggle, and no sign that Tails had ran
away. The only possible thing Tails could have done was followed the
others on the mission. A top secret mission that is.
  "Sonic, I zay we not worries about Tails. He's probally fine, no?"
  "Sonic,trust me."

And thats what i have, I plan on having Sally Break up with Antoine,
and tails is captured by robotnik.
Any Sugestions?

Bunnie Rabbot
(Lindsay Cibos)
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