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From: James Firmiss <>
Date: Mon, 28 Aug 1995 18:21:24 CDT

I found and read the HTML version of 'From Amy Rose, with Love'.

Fun story :) I could comment more but the only comments I'll make are that
I'm glad to see Antoine can be portrayed as something other than a complete
bafoon. The illustrations were a nice touch to the HTML verions. Also..
It seemed like everyone was a bit 'underwelmed' at discovering that Antoine
is a prince. I would've expected Antoine to be confused.. then estatic
about the whole thing (possibly bragging about it).

> To Be Or Not To Be
> Chapter One
> Antoine slid out of bed slowly. Antoine opened his eyes,and saw
> Sonic. Sonic had an angry look on his face. Antoine fell out of bed.
> -- Remainder of preview deleted to save space --

Hmmm... Promising beginning however I've never been able to come up with
a decent plot to a Sonic story so I can't really think of any good ideas
for this story. (except that Sonic would probably convince Antoine that
Tails was probably tagging along behind and alone or else Sally and the
others would have brought him back immediately). Sonic and Antoine could
also have a bit of an argument as to weather Antoine is 'really' a prince
or not (I'd expect Sonic would be the most sceptical).

> thanks,
> Bunnie Rabbot
> (Lindsay Cibos)

  James Firmiss
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