New story

Date: Sun, 13 Aug 1995 23:57:15 EDT

My friend and I are almost done writing a new story, entitled "Jaded
Views". It involves a few familiar characters, and a LOT of characters
made up by members of Sonic '95 (the Sonic club I'm in on Prodigy). I'm
going to have it available in two formats: Text and Windows executable.
Anyone who wants it in *.exe format, let me know; I'll have to transfer it
uu-encoded since Prodigy users can only send text over the 'Net. I'll
probably send the text version through the list; if not, I'll announce to
the list when I'm posting it on Usenet. Only thing is, Sonic isn't a real
key character in this story; although he is in it, it mostly revolves
around the "new" characters Kabuki, Maxl, Tracker, and Jade.


Somebody's got to do it!
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