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>>Despite firing the TV execs who made the decision, I'm suspecting we're
>going to get treated to 'Dumb and Dumber' in that mystery SAT-AM ABC
>time slot. Anyone on this list hear any rumors as to what's going to
>be here?

<Antoine mode on>

No kiddings mon ami! As if we didn'st know ze executioners du programming
weren't dumb and dumber themselveds. It seems ze mysteries of ze times block
is how they puts ze ad in ze Sonique book withouts ze name mentioned and puts
it in ze other comiques with the titles in. Cowards!

Mon dieu!

<Antoine mode off>

>Checking out some comic books recently from D.C., they had the lineup for the
>coming Sat AM cartoon shows, and "D&D" *was* in that slot. *Sigh!* *Another*
>network falls by the Sat AM wayside with programs that I don't want to watch.
>(Granted Bugs Bunny &Co is classic, but I've already taped everything they
>show) And then there were two............

Yes, and if it weren't for "Reboot" and "Bump in the Night" I wouldn't watch
the new 'Disney' channel at all. (Madeline has already been run on the Family
Channel otherwise I'd give it half a look)

As the execs at ABC might have sang at the merger meeting. . .

"Now it's time to say goodbye to our old company,
A.B.C. - key, L-o-u-s-y . . ."

Jim W. Antoine defender and Bunnie fan

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