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Date: Mon, 14 Aug 1995 01:50:15 EDT

>Don't use .EXE or your file will only be usable to Windows and OS/2
>users. (A program called 'wine' ((Win)dows (e)mmulator) allows Unix
>users to get at Windows 3.0 programs, but wine is still quite primitive
>compared to the real thing.)

Nah, there's no difference between the *.exe and the *.txt except that the
*.exe is a bit more user-friendly (giving you the option to click on the
chapter of your choice). I may, eventually, upgrade the *.exe to include
pictures, and maybe even limited animations, but that's not happening
anytime soon. If it does happen, though, I'll create a *.wri (or maybe an
MS-Word *.doc) that has the pictures.

>Most list subscribers won't be familiar with your new characters. Be
>sure they are well introduced in the story or in a seperate text file.

No prob...I explain Hedgehog X's origin in detail, as well as all I know
about Kabuki, and all users need to know about the other characters (X,
Amaroq, etc.). Of course, since this is where Maxl, Jade, and Tracker are
introduced, it goes without saying that they're described pretty well.


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